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True for healtcare too: more transparency means lower prices.    creates price transparency for medical implants and high-value pharmaceuticals, thereby enabling hospitals to reduce procurement costs. As a side effect, there is more time for important things like lifecycle costs and sustainability.

Our goal is to give our members full visibility of invoices and other terms & conditions from as many hospitals as possible. Reciprocally, our members allow access to their procurement terms.   lets you do this completely anonymously.   Read more...

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  is not-for-profit:
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Three myths that keep implants and pharmaceuticals expensive 
Three myths that keep implants and pharmaceuticals expensive 



Three myths that keep medical implants and pharmaceuticals expensive

#1: Prices are fair



According to manufacturers, prices (P) are reasonably correlated with the number of implants that a hospital buys (Q)—the green dots on the chart. Moreover, everybody gets treated similarly and margins for manufacturers are low.

Fact is that prices are completely random—the red dots on the chart—and size is irrelevant to get the best prices.

#2: All buyers are
      equally smart



Prices for implants and pharmaceuticals follow a bell-shaped curve: some pay low prices (green on the chart), some pay premium (red) and many sit somewhere in the middle (blue). But most buyers will claim their prices are in the lower quartile.

In reality, 75% of hospitals pay prices for medical implants that are NOT in the lower 25%.

#3: Buying groups
      to the rescue



Buying groups only see part of the market: just the blue-circled dots in the chart. They add their overhead costs (C) to a negotiated price, and that's what their members pay.

Truth is that direct buyers regularly undercut buying groups significantly (see the green-circled dot on the chart).

substitutes facts for myths before you make your purchasing decisions 


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